Edible Gold Leaf

Serving clients around the World. 7,000+ items sold. 1,000+ satisfied customers served. Buy your edible gold leaf today! Our gold leaf is made from real 24 carat gold bars!

Welcome Cake Makers, Restaurants and budding home food chef looking to add real edible gold leaf to your foods!

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All around the world, our 24K gold leaf is being added to cakes, to deserts, to foods and menu items both in the home and in food establishments around the world.

Our edible gold leaf is real 24K gold, forget foils, forget imitation, our gold leaf starts as a real 24K gold bar before being hammered in the age old process that requires 10,000 strikes to make the gold leaf you come to know and trust from us here at World’s Shopping, a Try A Million brand.

The edible gold leaf packs you get from us come in the Standard Food Size edible gold leaf sheets. These measure approximately 4.33 cm x 4.33 each gold leaf sheet.

The shape of sheets are square. Remember sheets can lose shape as packed and handled and though most sheets won’t have tears, due to the nature of gold leaf, you may have sheets with tears in them occasionally which shouldn’t detract from usage.

People who shop with us are both home users looking to add to a new food they have prepared at home, they may buy birthday cakes and decide to decorate, the uses around the home kitchen are endless.

Professionals look to us for their edible gold leaf needs. Cake makers utilize our edible gold leaf to make gold wedding cakes and cakes for other celebrations. Restaurant chefs utilize our edible gold leaf to add to foods and the list is endless. Whatever you have on your menu, you can generally come up with gold versions such as soups, even on doughnuts, pizza’s and much more.

The value to include gold in your menu adds value in many ways, not only do you have more guests coming to your establishment because they have heard you have gold food on the menu, but also the lavish spender who decides to purchase the $100 doughnut or the $2,000 pizza.

Buy Edible Gold