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Are you looking to get edible gold leaf? From foods you may have seen to drinks. Edible gold leaf is a spectacular ingredient to use in your foods. Edible gold leaf can be found around the world and adds such a high value to your foods. Learn more about edible gold leaf and buy right here on the site!

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Around the world today, the highest priced cakes such as wedding cakes and other celebration cakes utilize real edible gold leaf to make cakes look luxurious and outstanding. If there were ever a time when you wanted a cake to look amazing, real edible gold leaf is what you need.

You may have seen drinks that include gold leaf.

You may have heard about the doughnuts that utilize edible gold leaf to charge high prices. Suddenly a doughnut that only costs a few dollars or pounds or euros comes out costing $100. Whether you are at home or running a food establishment or restaurant, you want to start using gold leaf on your foods. At home, you will be pleased with the dazzling results and in a food establishment such as a restaurant, you can start commanding high prices.

The good news is that the cost of this shift is not that expensive, though adding a few dollars extra, and a bit more work per item, you can start to see high increases in the prices you charge. Your clientele becomes higher value clientele. Both you and your customers will be happy,

Another way that people are using gold leaf on foods is with sushi, and it can even be added to soups. In fact whatever food you are preparing at home or in a food establishment, you can use this prized item to really make luxury in what you present.

There are even pizza’s costing $1,000 purely for including gold leaf.

You may be wondering if edible gold leaf is real gold.

Some places will sell you gold foil which is not real gold. Some places will also sell you gold at 22 carats which is often the regular standard. The problem with this type of gold, even though it is still relatively pure, it has impurities still. Our edible gold leaf is actual 24 carats gold leaf, made from real gold bars that are 24 carats, so you can rest assured you are getting the real deal when you purchase from us today.

We deliver all around the world with fast shipping, so you can get your gold leaf in the quickest time possible.

Real gold is non toxic and safe to be consumed. It contains no calories and is halal and vegetarian safe.

Real edible gold is extremely thin and is made using the age old tradition that dates back to the days of ancient Egypt. Gold bars are beaten 10,000 times by hand and by machine to make a gold leaf sheet that is extremely thin, generally with a thickness of 400 atoms thick!

When added to foods, edible gold is easily chewed and consumed. Professionally done, you can count on the product that you buy from us.

So what you waiting for! Place your purchase today for real 24 carat edible gold leaf!

Buy Edible Gold Leaf