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Edible gold is an age old item. Gold leaf can be found adorned on furniture as gold gilding. It can be found on the gates of Paris. It is also found in artwork and ancient items of Egypt and from around the world. But one place that most people don’t always remember is the use of edible gold in food. On this page you will come to learn more about edible gold, learn more about different gold leaf uses such as with gold leaf cake and more!

Edible Gold Leaf

Get Edible Gold Leaf

Gold leaf is found adorned on priceless items around the World. Antique furniture, picture frames and other items are gold gilded to make homes look luxurious. These types of high value clientele also like to experience rich foods such as a gold leaf cake.

If you are holding a wedding, you want to make your wedding amazing. As the bride and grooms most important celebration in forming the bond of marriage, the wedding day is important and what better way to mark the day, and make the guests happy than a gold leaf cake.

Edible gold we have available for you here today is made from real 24 carat gold. This can really make a difference as most gold leaf that you can find is either not edible and may only be a foil. Most gold leaf is also not fully 24 carats gold.

When you buy edible gold from us such as for use as in a gold leaf cake, you are getting real 24 carat gold that is made from real 24 carat gold bars. This form of gold is the purest form of gold at 99.9% minimum 100% pure gold. This is what guests are looking for.

On for example a wedding gold leaf cake, you will have that dazzling yellow gold color. You will see it shimmer with the light, just like any real 24 carat gold items.

Edible gold in the form of gold leaf is extremely thin. There is no worrying about having to chew a piece of metal! This form of gold leaf is hammered thousands of times to get a real solid gold bar into an extremely thin item that is extremely thin. The result is something that is easily added to foods and easily consumed.

When added to food items such as a gold leaf cake. The guests can easily consume the gold leaf cake without really noticing the gold pieces. This is same as you might have had with alcoholic drinks that actually contain edible gold in them. They are easily consumed and are non toxic and safe to consume.

If you haven’t used edible gold before, it is time to buy edible gold from us and start to experiment in its use. It does take some getting used to as they are light as a feather. However, once you start experimenting with edible gold, you will soon start discovering new and original ways to use edible gold on your menu.

Buy edible gold today and start using this amazing item. Your guests will be pleased and you will be with the higher prices your menu will include.

Edible Gold Leaf

Get Edible Gold Leaf

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